How to use this Simply Fit Board

According to the makers, you can use this board almost anywhere. Place the Board on a Smooth Surface such as Carpet, Hardwood Floors and so and start twisting your body to engage your core, legs, and back. You cannot user this board on the concrete or rough surface as it can damage the board.

You can start Performing these Basic Exercises on the Go:

The Twist, The Surfer, The Walk and The Rock.

Exercise board is a unique design that makes it easy to get in an effective workout in almost any place. Just put the plate on a smooth, firm, standing surface on the board to hire your power plants, legs and back while making necessary turns, weight training, overriding squats, and planks, and much more.

Super easy to use exercise board improves balance while strengthening your core, back, ankles and legs.

Points of interest

The board allows you to turn from side to side easily. The twisting motion is a fantastic low-impact exercise that effectively works every muscle in its core at the same time.

The board is small and lightweight and allows you to do your workout pretty much anywhere, even in front of the TV. You can add small hand weights to exercise your arms as you twist.

The Board also works very well with a lot of traditional exercises like push ups, planks, bridges or mountain climbers. The unstable surface of the table forces you to work for more muscle groups.

This amazing Board surely helps you to perform different exercises to maintain your health. You just need to order the simply fit board from this website and Start your workout instantly. You will get a cd with this board that consists a guide in form of instructions and video tutorials. You only need to open the guide and get on the board and follow the instructions by balancing on the board. You can perform twists, body round, push ups etc exercises. And we are sure will be amazed by the results as this body workout are known for reducing weights and all. What are you waiting for? Buy this board now through this site.

Step on the Simply Fit Board® Exercise Board and twist your way to a stronger core and a toned body. This lightweight, portable, curved board is both easy and fun to use and engages your core while you work out. The smooth bottom supports twisting movements for a variety of toning and cardio exercises, too. Includes a workout DVD.

Features and Benefits

  • Stand on the board and perform a basic twisting motion along with other exercises to help tone and strengthen your abs, legs and more
  • Lightweight and portable ABS construction
  • Supports users up to 400 lb.
  • Includes a workout DVD

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