Simply Fit Board - The Abs Legs Core Workout Balance Board with A Twist


Is an innovative board fitness exercise routines with which through constant use will help you to tone arms, legs, and torso, working most of your muscles with simple movements. This Fitness board is so comfortable and fun that at the time of use it won't feel tired, noticing results soon.

Just place your feet on each end of the Simply Fit Board to start rolling and ready, you can take your physical preparation. Ideal for cardiovascular training sessions that enhance health and your figure. 


Thanks to its incredible portable and lightweight design, you can do workouts at the time and in the place you want. It is so tough that it supports up to 181 kg and you can buy it in various colors: magenta, blue, Orange and Green.

This Board has been developed to do an efficient workout almost anywhere. With its unique design of Balancing Board on the Flat surface makes it easy to perform the exercises such as Twists, Knocking out squats, loose weight training, planks and more.

This Board is designed for men and women of all ages including  Kids.

Simply Fit Board Features

  • Portable Fit Board
  • Best Reviewed Board
  • The only movement of torque and balance which helps to tone the entire body
  • Help strengthen the buttock, legs and more!
  • Lightweight, portable, and easily stores!
  • Supports up to 400 lbs
  • Size: 66 cm x 27 cm x 1.9 cm

The Idea of Developing The Fit Board is Presented by Linda Clark and Gloria Hoffman, Mother and Daughter duo to the Investors in the Early November of 2015. Multiple Investors Expressed Their Interest in This Hit Product. Linda and Gloria Partnered with Lori Greiner, who is also known as the "Queen of QVC" and "Warm-Blooded Shark."

Shark Tank has Expanded its Operations in Production, Marketing, and Customer Services in the Early Year since this device has Debuted into the market. A National TV Commercial Campaign Devised by Greiner becomes the number one platform to sell this product. This Commercial Campaign Drives the Product to its success. Now, Simply Fit Board is available at every major retailer.

How Fit Board Works:

Fit Board is a Balancing Board with a Twist because you have to twist yourself while using this Board.This Board design having a curve in the middle that lets you twist your body, on the other hand, other boards do not allow this. You have to stand on both the end to balance the board and start twisting it.

Manufacturer Claims that Twisting over this board Increases Heart rate that helps in burning unwanted Fat. It also Refreshes your body and other muscles in the core.

You can Perform numbers of suggested 10 minutes Exercise and Workouts that Includes: Plank Twists, Twisted Bridges, Bicep Curls, A Simple Twist. You can also Checkout Simply Fit Board Official website Online for more available exercise you can perform with this board.

Twisting exercises increase the flexibility and oblique muscles, abdominals and back waist. Positions required by modern life can make these muscles feel compressed and squeezed, which can lead to low back pain and bad posture.

Age and inactivity may reduce the range of motion of all of your joints. Spend extended periods of time sitting at a desk or in a car can hurt the mobility of your column, which can manifest itself in non-specific back pain. To improve the mobility of the spine performs Twist exercises using Fit Board, by turning to the left and the right.

Exercises should be done to tighten the internal organs and stimulate the flow of oxygenated blood at the same time that you remove the toxins and waste products from metabolism. Reportedly, the liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, and spleen to benefit from exercises of torque that are made by the yoga postures. These movements also help reduce bloating and stomach upset. Active speed in the blood and lymph, circulation through compressive action exercised in muscle and connective tissue. This makes the muscles can work and recover with ease, having the contribution of oxygen and nutrients necessary for this purpose.

This physical stress may manifest as emotional stress. Fitness Board exercises help that the muscles of the chest, back and shoulders to relax and, when combined with nasal breathing slow, allow that the stress is leaving your body. These exercises also are invigorating, restorative and can help you raise your energy levels if you feel tired. Boards Exercises helps to improve the orders of contraction and muscle relaxation via the nervous system so that the muscles can perform its proper function.

This amazing Device also improves and strengthens our muscular system. It stimulates the function of the muscles (contraction and elongation) with active and dynamic exercises that get the development of elasticity, strength, resistance, coordination, speed 7 flexibility of these. It speeds up the metabolism by an active movement that is made with any variety of physical exercise, activating the circulatory system. The stabilizing muscles of the body can be very rewarding with the practice of massage and physical exercise. This muscle is in a constant process of work, practically 24 hours a day, much more than the eight hours that usually make up a workday.

We are talking about a series of muscles that have the function to support, maintain and protect, during short or long, the different positions that we are adopting in the course of the day.

All these activities, situations and named cases, affect this musculature of shapes and different ways according to the age and physical activity to develop. It is not the same to talk about how it affects children, young people or middle-aged and senior citizens.

Over the years has been changing our ways of life, losing a regularity in daily dynamism, decreasing more and more activity, increasing sedentary lifestyle and adopting poor posture and habits that advanced and tech society requires us to perform, both occupationally as domestically, progressively worsening health.


How to use this Simply Fit Board

According to the makers, you can use this board almost anywhere. Place the Board on a Smooth Surface such as Carpet, Hardwood Floors and so and start twisting your body to engage your core, legs, and back. You cannot user this board on the concrete or rough surface as it can damage the board.

You can start Performing these Basic Exercises on the Go:

The Twist, The Surfer, The Walk and The Rock.

Exercise board is a unique design that makes it easy to get in an effective workout in almost any place. Just put the plate on a smooth, firm, standing surface on the board to hire your power plants, legs and back while making necessary turns, weight training, overriding squats, and planks, and much more.

Super easy to use exercise board improves balance while strengthening your core, back, ankles and legs.

Points of interest

The board allows you to turn from side to side easily. The twisting motion is a fantastic low-impact exercise that effectively works every muscle in its core at the same time.

The board is small and lightweight and allows you to do your workout pretty much anywhere, even in front of the TV. You can add small hand weights to exercise your arms as you twist.

The Board also works very well with a lot of traditional exercises like push ups, planks, bridges or mountain climbers. The unstable surface of the table forces you to work for more muscle groups.

This amazing Board surely helps you to perform different exercises to maintain your health. You just need to order the simply fit board from this website and Start your workout instantly. You will get a cd with this board that consists a guide in form of instructions and video tutorials. You only need to open the guide and get on the board and follow the instructions by balancing on the board. You can perform twists, body round, push ups etc exercises. And we are sure will be amazed by the results as this body workout are known for reducing weights and all. What are you waiting for? Buy this board now through this site.

Step on the Simply Fit Board® Exercise Board and twist your way to a stronger core and a toned body. This lightweight, portable, curved board is both easy and fun to use and engages your core while you work out. The smooth bottom supports twisting movements for a variety of toning and cardio exercises, too. Includes a workout DVD.

Features and Benefits

  • Stand on the board and perform a basic twisting motion along with other exercises to help tone and strengthen your abs, legs and more
  • Lightweight and portable ABS construction
  • Supports users up to 400 lb.
  • Includes a workout DVD